A new car is the pride and joy of any owner. And with modern cars getting ever more luxurious, as previous optional extras now come as standard, drivers are becoming increasingly protective of their vehicle. An unseen pothole or a corner taken too tightly can result in an unsightly scrape on their alloy wheels. That’s where Car Care Plan can help.

Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance ensures drivers can have their car looking brand new again. If their alloy wheels sustain damage, there’s no need to check the bank balance and book the car into a garage. Car owners can get an engineer out to them and the costs will be covered by their policy.

We can help you show your customers what they will get with Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance by providing you with our product video below. Watch our video to see the process of repairing alloy wheel damage:


What are the customer and retailer benefits?

The growing complexity of modern car alloys mean they’re increasingly expensive to replace. Alloy Wheel Repair Insurance is a cost-effective way to ensure your customers’ cars continue to look their best. Offering the aftercare product also provides wide-ranging benefits for your dealership, including:


  • New routes to market
  • New revenue streams
  • Increased customer retention rates
  • Additional sales opportunities
  • Greater customer experience through offering a wider range of products.


To learn more about other financial aftercare products and how they can help your dealership, download our FREE eBook today: A guide to motoring financial aftercare.


How can you boost your sales?

If your business is already providing customers with financial aftercare products, great! There are several ways to help boost your sales and ensure both your customers and your dealership are benefiting. Our top tips:


  1. BE CLEAR – don’t hide any charges. Be upfront about the cost of the product but balance that with potential savings and the benefits it provides.
  2. INCENTIVES – ensure your staff incentives are fair to the customer and they will help boost sales. Learn more about the FCA’s guidelines in our eBook here.
  3. KNOWLEDGE – ensure your sales staff know the ins and outs of every aftersales product they are selling. Car Care Plan provides a training service – just call us on 0344 573 8000 or email us here to find out more.
  4. BE HONEST – talk to the customer about only the products that could benefit them. It will help build trust and avoid overburdening or confusing them with information.
  5. PERSONALISE – if you use any of the products you’re selling tell the customer. And if you don’t, tell them about the time you wish you had! Build a rapport
  6. LISTEN – at the end of the day, your customer will know what they want. Listen to their worries and help them resolve those problems.


To learn more about putting your customers at the heart of your business, download our eBook: Putting your customers first.