Warranty can be a hugely important factor when a customer is deciding to buy a new or used car, after the vehicle itself, of course. It provides peace of mind, covering mechanical and electrical faults for years after the purchase. A warranty provides financial support when it is most needed and, through a good provider, is completely hassle-free.

Providing vehicle warranty programmes also has benefits for dealerships, boosting sales, customer retention, satisfaction ratings and more. Ensuring your dealership is partnered with a leading warranty provider - such as Car Care Plan - is essential.

In this eBook, we will look at:

• What is a vehicle warranty and what can it cover?
• The benefits of warranties to customers and dealers
• How to boost warranty sales at your dealership
• Improving customer communications to boost retention
• Frequently asked questions and answers.

To find out more, download our eBook: Complete guide to Warranty


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